Grand-parental homophones

Last week we FINALLY got the 9 year old to have his haircut, I know I’m biased, but I think he looks pretty handsome (and only slightly like a football hooligan who managed to get ketchup on his top at teatime)!!  


Looking at this photo reminded me of one of my Dad as a youngster – back in the day…..

Grandad Graham 

So I was discussing with the boy about how he looked like his Grandad – but pointed out this wasn’t unexpected given they shared the same genes.

He looked at me in a very confused and quizzical manner – then I realised he thought I meant ‘jeans’…………..

Then I recalled last season when my eldest daughter and I were chatting one Sunday afternoon whilst the football was on the TV in the background.  The commentator excitedly said that ‘Nani did an amazing run down the wing’ – to which the daughter did a double take at the TV fully expecting to see my Mum on the pitch at Old Trafford impressing the crowd with her silky skills ………….




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