Jamie Oliver’s strops – Wicked Wednesday 20 January 2016

Let’s all go to Jamie Oliver’s for dinner (one of his Italian restaurants, not just popping round to see him, Jools and the kids – clearly!) we’ll have a lovely family meal out.

So the 4 year old declares ‘I’m not eating dead chicken anymore’ and puts herself under the table with her iPad.

Strop - Jamie Olivers 1


Then, for some reason,  the 5 year old decides to show everyone her knickers:

Strop - Jamie Olivers 2

These photos are my entry this week for Wicked Wednesday over on BrummyMummyof2’s blog – do go over there and see other photos of real family life:


Sisters are doing it for themselves!

I am the eldest of 3 girls (poor Dad!)

February 2015 

I am the only one still to reside in a Birmingham postcode (although we actually live in Worcestershire, which sounds a bit posher?!?) Youngest sister is a 2 hour drive away, and middle sister is a 2 hour plane journey away.

There’s 22 months between me and middle sis and then 4 further years to the baby!  (Although once, when she had 2 children and I had none, we were asked if we were twins – I found this highly amusing – ‘my twin’ was not so impressed!!)

We probably only all get together about once a year – and then there are husbands / children / parents in tow. We might have managed the odd night in the pub, or sing song around a piano, as just the 3 of us – but we’ve never done anything more.

As kids we were lucky to do lots of family holidays to France / Scotland / anywhere in between – but then we were always accompanied by our parents.  As adults we’ve done return visits to both of the above – but with parents and husbands and kids too.

France 2010
France 2010 (I had a 4 week old baby, hence enormous boobs!!)

I remember each sister coming to visit when I was at Uni – but not both at the same time.  (We won’t mention that I took little sister clubbing and to see Pulp Fiction when she was only 14 – given her daughter is older than that now!!)

Youngest sister hit 18 and spent a year in the US, and when she got back I was in Australia, and middle sister was living in Germany.  Then littlest sister got pregnant with her first child (now a gorgeous 15 year old). Between us, we had 7 kids in 7 years – so going away as a threesome has just never happened.

Over the festive period the middle sister hit the big 4 – 0, and celebrated on a warm (but windy!) beach in Egypt with her husband and kids.  But we are prolonging the celebrations (hey, I celebrated for a whole year when I was 40!) by going away next weekend – just the 3 of us – to a spa hotel in the German mountains.

Libby's 40th-2461
‘Never Forget’ at my 40th! 

We are all ridiculously excited – it will be so bizarre just being sisters for the weekend not mums / wives / daughters.

Happy 40th Birthday lovely middle sister!!



Price Pillocks!

I have been reminded this week that one of the main reasons that I set up this blog was to keep a record of things that happen to our family – and two ridiculous events this evening need recording for posterity (future amusement / mocking).

At the dinner table tonight we were having a family game of eye spy (living on the edge in the Price household!)  It was the boy’s turn and he did something beginning with ‘Q’.  After quite some time of guessing – well, struggling to guess – we gave up. The answer was queue – although sadly it was a pool cue he was looking at. #fool

Then the husband and I were watching ‘Endeavour’ on Sky + (rock and roll Saturday for our 13th wedding anniversary) when he commented that it looked just like where they film ‘Lewis’…………………….

Right – let’s see if the female portion of the house can compete with this over the coming days.