Snapchat fail…..

Yesterday I tried to be all ‘down with the kids’ and send my son a Snapchat of where I was waiting for him at the station after school. Unfortunately I sent it to the incorrect Luke Price. #parentfail

IMG_1705 (002)

I was recounting this story to my daughter this evening and told her ‘but the other Luke Price was really understanding about it all when I apologised’

She was mortified, head in hands, ‘Mum, you should have just blocked him not gone back and said sorry’ – and she took my phone and blocked him for me (admittedly I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do!) so that I don’t make the same mistake again.

And there was me thinking I was being polite.  It would appear manners are not required for Snapchat.

Or perhaps middle aged women should just steer clear of it………






Book Review: The Nothing Girl by Jodi Taylor

The Nothing Girl

I put a ‘shout out’ (that sounds so 90s, but I’ll stick with it) to the ladies in my reading challenge for recommendations for my missing categories – and one friend recommended ‘The Nothing Girl by Jodi Taylor for the mystical creature category.  (And the aforementioned friend used to be a librarian – so that could have been another category covered too!)

Here is the Amazon blurb:

“Getting a life isn’t always easy. And hanging on to it is even harder…
Known as “The Nothing Girl” because of her severe stutter and chronically low self-confidence, Jenny Dove is only just prevented from ending it all by the sudden appearance of Thomas, a mystical golden horse only she can see. Under his guidance, Jenny unexpectedly acquires a husband – the charming and chaotic Russell Checkland – and for her, nothing will ever be the same again.

With over-protective relatives on one hand and the world’s most erratic spouse on the other, Jenny needs to become Someone. And fast!”

I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  In some ways it reminded me of Eleanor Oliphant – in that Jenny, the main character, isn’t a ‘normal’ heroine of a book and you’re rooting for her throughout.  It cleverly brings in the ‘imaginary friend’ – Thomas the golden horse – which I thought I might find weird, but I soon got used to that idea.

Some bits had me laughing out loud, and other bits made me cry, but it kept my interest with a twisting and turning plot – and you’re never quite sure who’s got Jenny’s back and who hasn’t – until right near the end.

The characters are all very different – and it felt like you got to know them well – but your heart is always with Jenny.

The ending was lovely – and left me wanting more (and I can see there is a 2nd book in the series – I just might have to wait until 2018 when I’m allowed off piste with my reading and have ticked off all of the challenge categories!!)