Losing at footwear ownership….

Earlier this year I posted about Winning At School Shoe Shopping and was quite smug about the whole thing.

Yep – well strike that smugness based on the last week.

First, the boy managed to lose his boot bag containing a pair of rugby boots and 2 mouth guards, leaving them at the school playing fields after rugby training.  We tried both visits and calls afterwards and they couldn’t be found – so with an impending match on Friday, we did a post school dash to buy boots and a new mouthguard last Thursday night.  Law of sod – the original boot bag turned up on Friday!

On to Friday.  He got changed into his kit at school to head off to an away game (which they won!) but when he came home it was apparent he’d lost his school shoes and coat.  He ‘thought’ they were at school – but couldn’t be sure – so the weekend saw a trip to the local shoe shop to buy another pair (he already had a spare coat from a previous incident) – on the basis that a spare pair may well prove useful in the future even if the original ones turned up (which obviously they did on Monday morning).

This evening I get a phone call from eldest daughter to say that she’s lost one of her shoes on to the TRAIN TRACK at the station.  Needless to say I was less than impressed (although apparently she wasn’t messing about, it just fell off her foot when she tripped up and it ended up going over the edge all by itself ……..)  So the husband did a mercy dash with her to the shoe shop again (thank goodness they’ve had 10% off for Black Friday deals all weekend, so it’s marginally less painful).School shoes


This isn’t a photograph of her school shoe – but I’m thinking maybe she should be threatened with this option if she loses another one……….

I need to record things like this that make me *quite cross* so that I can reminisce about them fondly in the future.  Just not quite yet!




Book Review: Hurrah for Gin: A book for perfectly imperfect parents by Katie Kirby


“This book is not a how-to-guide. It won’t tell you how to get your baby to sleep, how to deal with toddler tantrums, how to be a good parent, a cool parent or even a renegade parent. It is a book about parenting that contains absolutely no useful advice whatsoever.
Instead it shares beautifully honest anecdotes and illustrations from the parenting frontline that demonstrate it is perfectly possible to love your children with the whole of your heart whilst finding them incredibly irritating at the same time.
From pregnancy to starting school, Hurrah For Gin takes you through the exciting, frustrating, infuriating and wonderful whirlwind of parenthood, offering solidarity and a friendly hug after a tough day.
Best served with gin.”

As a mother of 4 kids ranging in age from 13 down to 5, I suspect that both my kids and I are slightly older than target market for this – but I’ve enjoyed following ‘Hurrah for Gin’ on Facebook and Twitter and so bought the book as soon as it came out!  For once I bought an actual physical hard copy as I wasn’t sure how the illustrations would work on a Kindle (does anyone know???)

Between buying the book and actually getting chance to read it (back to those 4 kids again) I decided to take a huge step back in my drinking (as I’d recognised that daily imbibing was probably not good for my health, waistline or parenting) and so I was concerned that the book might have me reaching for the gin in solidarity – and whilst the blurb does conclude ‘best served with gin’ – I can confirm that it is not entirely necessary and the book is still very enjoyable.

As the blurb also says, this is not a ‘how to’ guide – this is not going to tell you when your child should be sleeping, how they should be swaddled, when you should eat, the routines you should have at each week change etc (not naming any names here – but I reckon many of you will guess!!) – but it does give you an honest account of what it’s like to be in charge of small human beings – and the fact that they can drive you to booze!

NOTHING like this existed back when I had my eldest – but I was very lucky to have friends who also had kids at a similar time who also admitted that sometimes things were a bit sh*t.  Now – with the internet being much more widely used for blogs etc (honestly – I make it sound like I had my eldest daughter in the stone age – but there was no Sky+ and no handy pouches of food for goodness sake – let along proper social media to tit about on during a night feed) I think people generally do share more – and Hurrah for Gin is one of the stars of this – and this book is an extension of that.

Some of the content in the book I’d already seen on Hurrah for Gin’s social media pages – but there was plenty of new stuff to entertain as well.  So much of it had me nodding in agreement – and reminiscing (potentially through slightly rose tinted spectacles) about the newborn years (although not enough to make me consider having a 5th!)

There were also sections that made me weep, proper upset tears not just reminiscing tears, although there were those too.

The stick character illustrations are great and add to the anecdotes brilliantly.

Overall I really enjoyed this and would concur whole heartedly with Katie that it is possible to love your children with the whole of your heart whilst still finding them incredibly irritating at the same time.

This would make a PERFECT present for a new Mum – so that she knows she’s not alone.  Perhaps with an accompanying bottle of gin?!