Now these are more ironic, Alanis!

This house – like many I know – is OBSESSED with the Disney film Frozen.  The youngest 2 would watch it on a pretty much permanent loop if they were permitted – and the older 2 might pretend they’re too cool – but they have been known to join in and belt out the songs as well, just as long as no one knows (oh………..)


The other day, the Frozen DVD froze.  Ironic, eh?

Which reminded me of the Alanis Morissette song of the same title and my youngest sister’s legendary quote ‘most of it’s not ironic, it’s just annoying’!!  And I have to say – I agree!

‘It’s like rain on your wedding day’ – ironic or irritating?  
When we got married in St Lucia in 2003 there was a fair amount of tropical rain in the morning.  The staff at the hotel kept telling me it was ‘showers of blessing’ to the point that I was going to punch the next person who said it!  (I was 13 weeks pregnant and very hormonal – in fact, I could start a whole category of blog posts on things that happened when I was pregnant and hormonal – leading off with the day I made an auditor cry………….)

‘It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife’ – ironic or inconceivable?
a) How ridiculous to over exaggerate so wildly about the numbers involved and
b) everyone knows it’s the teaspoons that go missing from every set of cutlery you buy.

‘It’s a black fly in your chardonnay’ – ironic or infuriating?
Annoying.  Even more so if the white wine was warm.  I once stated that ‘the worst thing in the world is warm white wine’ – to which my husband pointed out that other people probably had more pressing issues in their lives.

‘It’s a traffic jam when you’re already late’ – ironic or inadequate time management?
And at this point I may have run out of alliterations!!

If Ms Morissette ever plans a sequel, I would suggest the following things are more ironic than most of her list:

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes in a report from school about your child’s literacy.
  • The builder at the dinner table being able to divide the bill quicker than the rest of the guests who are mostly accountants (mentioning no names!)
  • The fact that you’ve just promised your children that they can park on level 15 (being the roof) of the multi storey car park and then as you drive past the prime ‘mother and child’ positions at level 4 – right by the entrance to the shops – someone pulls out and leaves a space.  Admittedly not that simple to lyricise, but my experience this afternoon!!!

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