Crazy golf fun times **

We have had a fabulous summer – a few weeks at home catching up with friends and family – and then a fortnight of ‘just’ the 6 of us in Portugal.  Now there are just a few days left before the end of the summer holidays – and the start of new school terms, and new schools for 3 of the 4 kids – which will no doubt garner a load more blog posts!

One thing we ‘have’ to do every time we are at this particular resort in Portugal is play crazy golf. I loathe this ridiculous game with a passion. I find it neither ‘crazy’ nor ‘golf’ and you can guarantee it will descend into at least one of the family members having a huge strop.  This time I nominated myself scorer to reduce the risk of it being me stropping off.

We all played beautifully until we got to hole 4 – then the 11 year old stropped off…….

It wasn’t much later when the 2 year old had a melt down – and this resulted in my favourite photo of the entire holiday – and therefore this had to be my entry for this week’s ‘The Gallery’ post.

Georgia - crazy golf strop

Definitely one to keep for her 18th birthday!! 

** This should most definitely be read in an ‘ironic’ font.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

7 thoughts on “Crazy golf fun times **

  1. Heehee, i see that expression very regularly in my own nearly two year old! The four year old loves Crazy Golf but hasn’t quite reached the storming off age yet. He’s just happy to play for hours…and hours…

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