De de de de, de de de……

Tonight is the night – sequins and spandex ready – Strictly is BACK!!


I have loved Strictly Come Dancing back since the very first series – where Natasha Kaplinsky and Brendan Cole rumba-ed on (and allegedly off) the dancefloor to lift the glitterball trophy! For the last few years eldest daughter and I have been glued to every episode together and have even been to the live shows – and I suspect another couple of little girls will want to watch this year (although not tonight – it’s on too late for a 4 year old who starts reception tomorrow morning!) With the advent of social media – I also like watching it in the company of Twitter – where dances / outfits / fights with the judges are replayed in real time and discussed at length!

The line up this year looks fab – something for everyone?! And the fact that Brucey has (FINALLY!) retired and been replaced by Claudia Winkleman means there will no longer be the cringey links – hoorah! I have to confess to a little bit of a girl crush on Claudia – and would like to be her friend!! Let’s face it – there aren’t many high profile shows presented by two 40+ female presenters!!

Tonight is just the launch show, where the celebrities get partnered with their dancers (who now are mostly celebrities in their own right!) – and we have to wait until 27 September for the show proper – but a quick fix tonight can see me through for a few more weeks!

I really want to become famous just so I can go on Strictly and learn to dance, wear lovely outfits and get fit in the process – but in the short term, I will just have to live vicariously through my TV screen and maybe do some more Fitsteps classes!

So everybody – ‘Keeeeeeep dancing’!

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