New York – the city that never sleeps……..

Next month the husband and I are off to NYC – sans children, for 4 whole nights.  Husband wanted to go for his 40th birthday – but as I was 37 weeks pregnant with our 4th child, Centerparcs with a load of friends happened instead! (It was a great time – and lots of memories were made, before anyone takes offence!!)  But 3 years later – off we go to the city that never sleeps……


We’ve got enough BA Miles to fly for just the cost of  taxes and charges in First Class with British Airways – which I am beyond excited about – and in my head it’s going to be totally Sex and The City for 4 days – but having just read Brummymummyof2‘s post – I’m now thinking maybe not…….

So whilst my heart is thinking cocktails / shopping / trendy clubs / amazing restaurants / strolls around Central Park – maybe we’ll actually just relish some time together to catch up on some sleep without a small child (or 4) coming and getting in to bed with us in the middle of the night?!? Kind of ironic in the city that never sleeps!!

First class flying should be an amazing experience – but what’s the betting after a couple of glasses (bottles!) in the lounge beforehand, we’ll be snoring before take off and miss the in flight entertainment / vintage champagne / Michelin starred cuisine?!

I am determined that jet lag will be our friend – and we’ll be up early each morning to explore all there is to see in this amazing city, and with 3 bags at 23kg each – that’s a lot of shopping we can bring back!  We have tickets booked for a show on Broadway, and restaurant reservations made.

But maybe just a little afternoon nap each day ……………

5 thoughts on “New York – the city that never sleeps……..

  1. I must send you those recommendations! It is possible to have both – to find peace and quite and places to breath in this amazing city. Walk over Brooklyn Bridge – look at the amazing engineering and beauty within. Then take a seat in Brooklyn bridge park – watch the world go by as you eat a Ruben and drink coffee.

    Take the time to go to Ellis Island and see how the amazing mix of cultures and people came together.

    Take a walk amongst the business buildings between The Hudson and the twin towers site – then walk through the park there.

    Go up to the highline (here’s my post on it from 4 years ago – they’ve just opened the third and final section )

    But you know the city is beautiful and has this energy – head to union square and see the mix of locals and visitors. Got to Top of The Rock and see the whole of Central Park from above.

    Drink cocktails in the rainbow room, champagne in TriBeCa and the beer/whisky in SoHo.

    But mostly – don’t beat yourself up, you have 4 days. Have a wonderful, relaxing, decadent time. Xx

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  2. NYC is amazing bab. Really amazing. I went a few years back with a 10 month old. I was clearly insane. But we had the time of our lives. It is just magical,. We got a special pass which gets you in pretty much everywhere for free? And then just literally did EVERYTHING! And you must do the SATC tour. Well worth it. A right giggle. Have fun! Am jel xxxxx

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