Book Review – The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

I mentioned a while ago about my friend giving me a book to read before publication (you can read about that here) and this is the review that was embargoed until the release date of 9 October 2014 (hopefully today if the scheduling system on WordPress decides to work?!?)

The book in question is ‘The Year I Met You’ by Cecelia Ahern.

The Year I Met You

This is the publishers blurb from Amazon:

“A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this uniquely talented author.
Jasmine loves two things: her sister and her work. And when her work is taken away she has no idea who she is.
Matt loves two things: his family and the booze. Without them, he hits rock bottom.
One New Year’s Eve, two people’s paths collide. Both have time on their hands; both are at a crossroads. But as the year unfolds, through moonlit nights and suburban days, an unlikely friendship slowly starts to blossom.
Sometimes you have to stop still in order to move on…
Original and poignant, The Year I Met You will make you laugh, cry and celebrate life.”

Unfortunately it didn’t make me laugh or cry or particularly want to celebrate life. It was ‘nice’ and ‘an easy read’ but I was not desperate to get back to it to finish it, as I have been with lots of other books I’ve read recently.  It was kind of like Marks & Spencer undies – fine, practical, you know what you’re getting – but not going to set the world on fire.

I know Ms Ahern has a huge fanbase – and I am sure lots of people will love this – but I have to say it’s just a like from me.

I’m glad I didn’t pay for it!!

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