Autumn – The Photo Gallery week 204

Ever since we moved into this house – over a decade ago – I have watched the views change from the windows and have always thought – I should photograph them each season to make a montage. However, I’ve never quite got round to it – so this week’s prompt over on The Sticky Fingers blog of ‘Autumn‘ spurred me into action!

I wish it could have been one of those gorgeous, crisp, Autumnal days – but between the prompt and time to post – it’s been pretty much grey and dreary. I guess this is a more accurate reflection of Autumn near Birmingham though!!

From the front we can see our local church (I’m already plotting to take ‘winter’ picture when the advent lights are up on the bell tower – if you could time the prompt accordingly please Tara?! ) and from the back the M42 motorway (at least if you see solid red lights in the morning you know to avoid it).

So here it is – the start of my seasonal montage from my son’s bedroom and our bedroom.

Obviously my OCD will mean I have to get the framing EXACTLY the same for future seasons #pressure

View from the front window
View from the front window
View from the back window
View from the back window

Do pop over to The Sticky Fingers blog to see other people’s interpretations of Autumn.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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