Being a Parent – The Photo Gallery week 209

The prompt for The Gallery this week over on Sticky Fingers is ‘Being a Parent’ – and given I’m doing that, four times over, there should be plenty of scope for pictures.

But what to photograph?

Tantrums or cuddles?
Births or birthdays?
Complete carnage with cooking or the pride on their faces after helping bake something to all share?
Everyday family life at home or day trips somewhere special together?
Nagging or celebrating?
A schoolday parent or a holiday parent?
The children fighting with each other or playing beautifully together?
The pride in my husband being an amazing father or him being my biggest child?!
Toddlers or pre-teens?

So in the end I plumped for a photo of my 40th birthday earlier this year. I had A LOT of celebrations (in fact they’re still ongoing – I’m milking this one for all it’s worth!) including a big black tie party for lots of family and friends – but this sums up being a parent for me – a fabulous banner painted by my kids and their smiling proud faces – makes it all worth it!


(I should point out it was also, randomly,  ‘Where’s Wally’ day at school on my 40th birthday – the oldest two don’t always dress like that!!!)

This is my entry to The Photo Gallery this week – do have a look at how other people have interpreted being a parent……


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery


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