Blogging with Heart?!

I don’t often have to drive far in rush hour nowadays (having relocated our company’s offices to 15 minutes from our house a couple of years ago – ‘yay’ to being the boss!)  But I had a seminar in Central Birmingham early doors today so had to brave the commute. Obviously the radio was tuned to Heart West Midlands and Ed and Rachel with whom I do like to share my morning if possible!

Today they were asking if anyone had plans between now and Chrimbo (whilst Rachel has her graduation to look forward to,  Ed has a total wasteland between now and then) – so I called up with news of my exciting trip to Chicago next week with 2 of my friends.  Girls weekend to visit a friend who lives across the Atlantic – as you do!  I am very excited about the whole thing (and will no doubt bore you all to tears about it across all social media!)

But when I posted on Facebook that I’d been on the radio this morning – my sister and husband both commented ‘not again’ – which got me to thinking – am I practically blogging on the radio?!?!

Now this is clearly not true – as I’ve only been on a handful of times – but it has been almost every time I’ve texted in!!  Now either I am hilarious (obvs!), or not that many people text in (possibly – it’s a frantic time of day in most houses – so for me it’s only when I’m stuck in traffic that I have chance to text!) or that my points of reference are relevant due to being a similar age to Ed and Rach?!

So far I’ve discussed:

  • Girls’ weekend in Chicago;
  • Always buying 2 pairs of knickers for every bra so you can wear the bra for 2 days;
  • Taking in board games to school at the end of term;
  • The ‘Next’ delivery driver touching my heavily pregnant bump (don’t miss the p – that would be a very different tale!);
  • The first world disaster of not having any white wine that’s cold; and
  • Something to do with gin – but I can’t remember exactly what – possibly due to too much gin?!?

Pretty diverse really!  Wonder what it will be next…………..


5 thoughts on “Blogging with Heart?!

  1. I heard you! I was busy channel-hopping to avoid a) adverts and b) shit music and also trying to negotiate the Bretford bridge (ask your Warwickshire followers…). How lovely to put a voice to a name!

    (I ‘know’ you via Bee…)

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    • How exciting! When I got to work the audit manager had heard – and a friend just emailed with Secret Santa details for a do next month and he’d heard too!! Can’t believe I’m quite so excited about that. And thank you for commenting – much appreciated. I do love Bee! xx


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