Me – The Photo Gallery week 213

The theme for The Photo Gallery this week is ‘Me’. I really wasn’t sure what to post – and then Facebook started with all the ‘first profile pics’ and I thought how apt that was.

So here it is, my first profile pic, taken back in 2007 in Crete on holiday with my eldest daughter who was then 3. It was quite a stressful holiday, and on the last day I managed to break my foot (a metatarsal – just as Wayne Rooney bust one too!) – but I still love this photo of me and my big baby.

1st profile pic

And the profile pic it replaced, my most recent, was me and my littlest baby who’s now 3 herself!

Recent profile pic

I should point out here have been 80 profile pics in the intervening 7 years – which makes me feel very vain as Tara has admitted to only 3 profile pics in her entire Facebook life!

This is my link up to The Gallery over on the Sticky Fingers Blog – so do click on the link below to see how other people have interpreted the theme.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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