Making stock

After Sunday lunch today I decided to make chicken stock with the meat carcass – ably assisted by Princess Elsa – as you do.

Princess Elsa cooking

The first time I made stock – whilst pregnant with Princess Elsa’s big sister – my husband very kindly ‘helped’ with the process whilst I was having an afternoon nap – and drained the stock down the sink. Then stood there wondering what I was going to do with a saucepan of bones and soggy root vegetables and herbs…..

Today I got a text message from him, whilst attending a birthday party with about 20 other Elsas, to ask when he could turn it off as it was stinking the house out!! Not sure how he’d cope at my sister’s, who often has perpetual stock on the hob for days after a roast dinner!!

So now to make some nice soups this week………

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