Review – Don’t Buy Her Flowers

Don’t get me wrong – I like a lovely bunch of flowers as much as the next girl – but sometimes people can drown in them. When they have a new baby, or in times of crisis where people want to show they care and don’t know what else to do, people often give flowers.  A friend who was going through a difficult time had been given loads of bunches by well wishers – but ended up crying on the phone to me as she’d run out of vases and was surrounded by decaying floristry.

I’d already moved away from flowers and have recently sent cake in the post to friends for various reasons – new babies, marathon run, broken bones, house move, poorly child, divorce – from the very wonderful Very Smart Cookie Company (as well as ordering them regularly for ourselves as they are always fabulous).

But it’s always nice to have an arsenal of present suppliers – so I was very excited when I saw on Twitter a new business venture for Steph – whose blog ‘Sisterhood (and all that)‘ I already followed – and it is ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers‘.


This is initially marketed as presents for new mums – and this is what Steph says herself on the website:

“Flowers seem to be a go-to way to say ‘congratulations’ when someone has a baby. Although they are always lovely to receive, at Don’t Buy Her Flowers we wanted to create something that was more thoughtful and useful for mums at a time when they need it most. Something that might encourage her to take ten minutes to herself.

Having babies is amazing, but it’s also a rollercoaster and can be hard. Whether it’s the first baby or the sixth, life is different to before and it takes a bit of adjusting to. Knowing someone is thinking of you can be a huge boost. Most parents have bought everything ready for the new baby anyway and there are only so many cute outfits one baby can wear. It makes sense to get something for mum – she’s pretty central to this whole baby malarkey. We also know how grateful new parents are to receive home-cooked food on their doorstep, which is why we have teamed up with COOK food to offer their vouchers in our packages.

Flowers say “I’m thinking of you”. A gift package from Don’t Buy Her Flowers says ‘I’m thinking of you, if you’re finding it hard it’s OK and I hope this makes you feel a bit better’.”


There are different packages you can chose from at different price points which contain lots of goodies for the recipient – including dry shampoo / smellies / edible treats / a choice of magazines / a lovely scarf  – and adding on the ‘COOK’ vouchers means the person is getting a few hot meals cooked for them too!  For local friends I’ve often cooked a meal and left it on their doorstep when they have had more important things to worry about (hey – I’ve even got friend’s kids to eat spinach and butternut squash when it’s a meal made by me and not their parents!!) but if you’re further afield (or rubbish at cooking!) how nice still to be able to support them in this way.

I emailed Steph very early on and said I could see this working as gifts at other times too – not just for new mums – and whilst that is still the target market, there’s now a drop down menu when you order so you can send the gift for another reason – birthday, get well soon etc.

I sent my first one earlier this week as a birthday present and the birthday girl loved it!  To quote her exactly ‘Totally love it – couldn’t believe how much kept coming out of the box.  P.S. Am now going to have a to find a birthday outfit that can incorporate my lovely new scarf.’

So any of my real life friends reading this, don’t be surprised if you get one!!

This is not a sponsored post – I just think it’s an ace idea – and wanted to spread the love!!


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