Happy 10th Birthday to my favourite son!

So the boy turns 10 today. Finally caught up in years the weight he was in pounds at birth! Yep – he was 10lbs 4oz and was delivered naturally!! I’d gone in to discuss being induced as he was late (he was due before my Dad’s 60th – but arrived afterwards – I was obvs sweetness and light and not at all a moody mare at Dad’s birthday celebrations……) and they told me I was in the early stages of labour and so sent me home. So husband and I went to the pub for lunch and a glass of wine (whilst I was having contractions – as you do!) and then headed back to the hospital in the late afternoon. The midwives seemed to think I was dealing with all fine and just left me – without examining me. I then suddenly felt like I needed to push – and was still wearing my tights! Now Daphne in Neighbours may have been able to give birth through maternity tights (early 90s soap reference there!) – but it is definitely not the norm. Quick exam (won’t be too graphic here) but he was on his way. This was at 6.50pm and we were watching Hollyoaks. At 7pm – in the midst of pushing – I made sure the channel was turned over for Emmerdale – priorities and all that. A few minutes later out came our son. He was still in the sac and wasn’t breathing. It was horrific. The emergency button was pressed and like a scene in ER the room filled with staff who quickly sorted him out for which I am eternally grateful.


We’d found out at the 20 week scan that there was something wrong with his kidneys – quite a common problem (and it had fixed itself before he was 6 weeks old) but this meant he immediately had to have antibiotics, and we couldn’t leave hospital until he’d done a wee in a test tube! Now there’s a photo that I won’t post on here (see, I can show some decorum!)  Instead, here is his proud big sister coming to see him for the first time in hospital.


Today he is double figures – not my baby boy anymore (although don’t tell him I told you, but he still has ‘snuggle’ in his bed who is pictured with him above!) My boy is growing up into a handsome, charming, clever, witty, sporty, loving, caring, sometimes annoying, cheeky young man!  He is a brilliant big brother, a slightly less brilliant little brother and our best ever son. (At which point he groans ‘I’m your only son Mum’ – but I never tire from saying it!) He is definitely a mini-me of his father – which could make for an interesting next decade!!


Happy Birthday handsome, love you bucket loads. xxxxx


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