Mothers – The Photo Gallery Week 221

Today is my 41st birthday (a whole year since this) – so whilst the theme of the gallery this week is ‘Mothers’ – it’s also pretty pertinent, as without mine – I wouldn’t be celebrating today!

I love this photo of Mum taken *a few* years ago (and clearly not by me!). It also highlights how important it is to keep photos.  Nowadays we can take a quick snap with our phone whilst out and about – but back in the 50s it would have been much more of an ‘event’ – but so lovely that Mum still has lots of photos of her youth.  I save mine onto the computer and then weekly to an external hard drive – just to ensure I don’t ‘lose’ them.


So this is a post to say ‘Thank you Mother’ for having me 41 years ago (she was in labour from 9 ’til 5 – perhaps I should have been called Dolly?!) and for everything you’ve done since and still do for me now.  She was round after school yesterday performing hair cuts for our youngest girls!

This is my entry for this week’s #thegallery over on The Sticky Fingers blog – do go and see how others have interpreted the theme of ‘Mothers’.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

16 thoughts on “Mothers – The Photo Gallery Week 221

  1. What a lovely photo! It’s so nice that you have photos of her as a child, so many people I know don’t, as you say it was much harder to get them in the first place unlike these days and even then so many would have been lost or damaged over the years.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday 🙂

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  2. I love looking at old photos like this, especially of my grandparents, the photographs are so tiny! I really need to start saving my photos regularly, we just don’t print them out as much as we used to.

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  3. What a lovely photo and happy birthday to you! I’m 41 too!
    Good idea to save your pics to an external hard drive. I still print a lot of mine off to keep them ‘safe’, but the photo albums are piling up all over the place!

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  4. Oh my this is lovely, my mum is the keeper of the family photos so she has all the ones of her as a child but I really should get some and scan them



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