Girls – The Photo Gallery week 224

Last week the prompt over on the Sticky Fingers blog for the gallery was ‘boys’ – and so, unsurprisingly, last week I wrote about my boys – and this week it’s the turn of my girls.


After we’d had our eldest daughter and then son – and some pretty traumatic births – we decided enough was enough and husband had the snip. As people were all too keen to point out ‘you’ve had one of each, why would you want any more?’ (Why do people say that?!?)

Fast forward 4 years and I’m WEEPING in the M&S school uniform section buying my ‘baby’ his school trousers and decided I’d quite like another baby (well, actually 2, as my OCD couldn’t cope with an odd number of children!) Husband was more than happy to oblige – and 6 weeks post op we were pregnant with baby number 3, and 16 months after her baby number 4 arrived too!


So girls massively outweigh boys in this house – there is A LOT of pink!  They are already all their own characters – and seem to be getting feistier with each Miss Price iteration.

The eldest is BRILLIANT with her little sisters (most of the time!) and in return they look up to her massively (as I would like to think my sisters do to me?!?).

The little two being so close in age is great – and they play beautifully together (they also fight like cat and dog – but we’ll gloss over that for now!)  The fact they are both girls makes it very different to the older kids relationship. I am one of 3 girls – but throwing an additional brother into the mix really changes the dynamic.

I used to love the American TV programme ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and the dynamics between all of the siblings – and I look forward to that playing out in our family in the future – definitely different to just ‘sisters’.

So these are my girls – pop over to The Gallery to see other peoples’ girls…….

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

12 thoughts on “Girls – The Photo Gallery week 224

  1. Ooh I used to love Brothers and Sisters too – whatever happened to that? How brave of you to have the snip reversed! My husband had the op after our third. I sometimes wonder whether we should have evened things out with a fourth. Too darn late now!

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  2. Di cNt imagine what it’s like to be in a big family. I’d have lived more children. You were very lucky you were able to decide to have them and get them. A lovely (auto corrected twice to lively which is right too!) family.

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  3. Lovely post. It’s really interesting reading about the different dynamics in people’s families with the different combinations of boys and girls and age gaps.
    That really is A LOT of pink! My daughter grew out of pink two or three years ago now. I quite liked it at the time, but I must say I’m glad we’ve seen the back of it now!


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