Should we reside in Waitrose in Highgate?!

I am a big fan of the Facebook account ‘Overheard in Waitrose’ and the Twitter account @highgatemums – to the point that I think my 4 children should perhaps reside in said supermarket in North London (not the Highgate in Birmingham nearer where we live – that’s very different – and doesn’t have a Waitrose for a start!!)

So – basically, it’s kids being up their own arses that both things highlight. Hey – we can even do sub-categories:


The eldest, when 5, was learning about modes of transport – she was asked at school if she’d been on a bus ‘Yes, that’s what takes you from the airport to the plane’!

4 year old, on Monarch flight to Faro in Portugal last Summer  ‘Mummy, why doesn’t my chair turn into a bed, and why haven’t I got my own TV?’

Same child told me this Easter hols ‘Mummy, do you know, we are going on holiday JUST IN THE CAR – not on a plane?’


Son, when off to see his then 9 year old cousin playing football, wouldn’t eat his breakfast before we left home, commented ‘It’s ok, I’ll just get some chips and nuggets in the Box when we get there’ – having been spoilt at Villa Park didn’t quite grasp the concept of Hampshire Under 10s in a local park.


3 year old, wailing ‘Mummy, the wifi is down and I can’t watch Netflix’

Children, when being called through for their dinner at our holiday home in the Lakes this week,  ‘But WHY can’t we pause the TV?’


So, sometimes, the kids do remind me that we’ve kept their feet almost on the ground:

The eldest, recently, ‘Mum, I’m not sure this Waitrose Ardennes Pate is really ‘essential’?!’ …………

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