Colour – The Photo Gallery Week 227

The prompt this week for The Photo Gallery is ‘Colour’ – and I knew straight away I wanted to use this photo taken on our summer holiday last year.

I love the colour of the chocolate (hey, I just love chocolate, as the size of my bum will attest!)

I love the colour of the pink flower on her hat (or actually her sister’s hat that she’d borrowed, hence the fact it’s too big!)

But most of all I love the colour of her perfect little rose bud lips.


I suspect there are going to be some very colourful entries this week – so do pop across and see how others have interpreted ‘colour’.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

12 thoughts on “Colour – The Photo Gallery Week 227

  1. Oh yes Libby that is a corker! I love that all you can see is her lips peeking out and you just KNOW that there is a really cheeky expression in those hidden eyes!

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