The Photo Gallery Week 31: Landscape

Whilst I love the green and pleasant land in which we live – I suspected there would be lots of beautiful British landscapes on show this week (in fact Tara and I often end up posting photos of the same local woods) – so decided to go foreign!

We are regular visitors to Dubai – but these were from our first trip there over New Year from 2008 into 2009. We did a trip out into the desert (I always struggle with spelling that and wonder if I’m talking about pudding instead?!) and the landscape was so different to anything we’re used to and so breathtaking. (I also felt violently travel sick driving up and down all of the dunes!)

Desert 1

The trip was in the evening – so we also got to see the sunset.

Desert 3

Desert 2

The photos don’t really do it justice – but it was utterly amazing.

This is my entry this week for The Gallery over on the Sticky Fingers blog – do go and see other people’s amazing landscapes.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

10 thoughts on “The Photo Gallery Week 31: Landscape

  1. I once did a trip to the desert while in Tunisia. I was whisked off to visit the sets that were used on Star Wars (as you do) and as you say the landscape is just stunning. Which is bizarre when you think about it as it’s just sand and sky, but it really does manage to offer up something quite extraordinary


  2. What a stunning sunset and how odd that the dunes made you feel sick, however I have never tried the dunes to be honest. I did go into the desert when we were in Egypt one year and the Milky Way was pointed out to me, it was incredibly special and something I have never forgotten. Must have been about 1997


  3. Must have been fun, running down the dunes! What an experience – sand as far as the eye can see.


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