Book Review: The Great Allotment Proposal by Jenny Oliver

The Great Allotment Proposal

“Welcome to Cherry Pie Island – once you step on to the island, you’ll never want to leave!

Socialite Emily Hunter-Brown has just bought the old manor house on Cherry Pie Island – and her friends think she’s gone mad! Still, they should have known that wild-child Emily will try anything once…even settling down!

But when Emily discovers she has an allotment to take care of as well as the crumbling mansion, she’s unexpectedly flummoxed! It’s all very well knowing that you have to swap your high heels for Hunter wellies….but it’s quite another actually getting dirt underneath her Chanel Rouge Noir polished nails?

And what is she supposed to do with her bumper crop of courgettes anyway?!”

This is the 3rd book in the Cherry Pie Island series and it just dropped into my Kindle on the publication date – hooray for pre-ordering!

I immediately devoured it – and as with the others, I loved it.  My only complaint is that the books are short, and I enjoy them so much I’d like them to be longer!!  But at least that keeps you excited for the next publication (beginning of July, not that I’m counting!!)

Whilst this book centres around Emily and her life having bought the local mansion (I quite liked the building / refurbishment references – but then that’s my day job!) it also brings in strands from the previous two books – and is setting the scene for subsequent books I’m sure!

The descriptions of the flowers and produce at the various allotments are wonderful – and as I have come to expect from Jenny Oliver’s books.

All in all, a lovely, quick, light, escapist read – but not at the expense of good writing and editing, where you like the characters and want to see what happens to them  (not mentioning any other book in this genre by another author that I’ve reviewed lately that was the opposite – obviously!!)

Roll on book number 4!

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