A lesson in spray tanning!

Now I do love a bit of a spray tan –  the weird smell, the paper pants, the shower cap –  all add to the experience – but the finished result is worth it!  (And thankfully my spray tanners have always been loads better than Ross’s in the legendary Friends episode!!)


Long gone are my days of lying on a sunlounger attempting to turn brown on holiday (I do red or freckly – but not brown) both due to the fact that everyone now knows it’s not good for you – oh, and I have 4 kids who don’t particularly let their parents just bask in the sunshine!!

But I do feel happier and marginally more body confident with a healthy glow – whether it’s for a big night out – or at the start of a foreign trip where I know I’m gong to have body parts exposed that don’t usually see the light of day in Worcestershire!!

This evening I am part way through the process.  I was sprayed a few hours ago, but won’t shower it off until the morning to ensure maximum development.  However, I had to go and pick my son up from Scouts.  I flung on a huge wrap (to disguise the fact that my non-bra wearing bosoms were somewhat lower than usual!) but this did not disguise my face!

A Dad at pick up commented ‘have you been away?’ – to which I replied that I’d had a spray tan as we’re going away tomorrow.  He was incredulous as to why someone would need to do this – so I then had to explain the benefits of a spray tan.  I wonder what he’ll go home and say to his wife (who is beautiful and wouldn’t need a spray tan to look better in swimwear!)  Still – at least he’s had a bit of an education – even if it is somewhat TOWIE based……

Next week I can fill him in on vajazzles……………**NOT REALLY**


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