Price Pillocks!

I have been reminded this week that one of the main reasons that I set up this blog was to keep a record of things that happen to our family – and two ridiculous events this evening need recording for posterity (future amusement / mocking).

At the dinner table tonight we were having a family game of eye spy (living on the edge in the Price household!)  It was the boy’s turn and he did something beginning with ‘Q’.  After quite some time of guessing – well, struggling to guess – we gave up. The answer was queue – although sadly it was a pool cue he was looking at. #fool

Then the husband and I were watching ‘Endeavour’ on Sky + (rock and roll Saturday for our 13th wedding anniversary) when he commented that it looked just like where they film ‘Lewis’…………………….

Right – let’s see if the female portion of the house can compete with this over the coming days.

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