When I was growing up my Dad was a sales rep for a silver company – and family trips often involved him combining visiting customers around the UK with our holiday (tax deductible mileage I guess?!).  I remember on one such trip, Dad going off with his sample case to see a customer – leaving Mum with us 3 girls in the car.  One minute Dad was crossing the road between 2 parked cars – the next minute he’d disappeared.  Basically he hadn’t noticed the tow rope between the 2 cars and had gone a purler.  Poor Dad!  In fact – he’s due a knee replacement very soon, and maybe that was the start of his knee problems.

Anyway, I’ve never been able to recount that story without laughing hysterically – but tonight I did practically the same – whacking my knee* on the tow bar on the back of Mark’s car whilst squishing between that and another parked car and going flying.  Thankfully my children didn’t witness my escapade – so won’t be able to laugh at the story in a quarter of a century.


*And it was my good knee!   I am now of an age where my knees are described as good and bad rather than right or left. Clearly my right is good and left is bad as my OCD meant the sentences had to match. #geek

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