Being Lady Grantham…….

I have not become titled and moved to Lincolnshire – and neither have I found myself in an episode of Downton – however, in a friend’s new blog I am referred to as Lady Grantham!


My favourite Lady Grantham quote is:

“No one ever tells you about raising daughters. You think it’ll be like Little Women, and instead they’re at each others’ throats.”

And whilst being Lady Cora Grantham would be fun, I think we’d all prefer to channel the dowager countess and be Lady Violet Grantham – she had all the best lines for a start!

“Isobel: “How you hate to be wrong.”
Violet: “I wouldn’t know, I’m not familiar with the sensation.””

Anyway – Downton aside – here is the blog from our very own Mrs Patmore – entitled ‘Being Mrs Patmore‘ (hence my hilarious title to this blog post – obvs!)

I have gushed about our Mrs Patmore before on here – and continue to do so frequently in real life.  So go and take a look at her blog – and be jealous of all of the lovely food we have to eat each day.  (And this week she even made the cakes for the kids to take in for Macmillan coffee mornings at each of their schools #winning)









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