Losing at footwear ownership….

Earlier this year I posted about Winning At School Shoe Shopping and was quite smug about the whole thing.

Yep – well strike that smugness based on the last week.

First, the boy managed to lose his boot bag containing a pair of rugby boots and 2 mouth guards, leaving them at the school playing fields after rugby training.  We tried both visits and calls afterwards and they couldn’t be found – so with an impending match on Friday, we did a post school dash to buy boots and a new mouthguard last Thursday night.  Law of sod – the original boot bag turned up on Friday!

On to Friday.  He got changed into his kit at school to head off to an away game (which they won!) but when he came home it was apparent he’d lost his school shoes and coat.  He ‘thought’ they were at school – but couldn’t be sure – so the weekend saw a trip to the local shoe shop to buy another pair (he already had a spare coat from a previous incident) – on the basis that a spare pair may well prove useful in the future even if the original ones turned up (which obviously they did on Monday morning).

This evening I get a phone call from eldest daughter to say that she’s lost one of her shoes on to the TRAIN TRACK at the station.  Needless to say I was less than impressed (although apparently she wasn’t messing about, it just fell off her foot when she tripped up and it ended up going over the edge all by itself ……..)  So the husband did a mercy dash with her to the shoe shop again (thank goodness they’ve had 10% off for Black Friday deals all weekend, so it’s marginally less painful).School shoes


This isn’t a photograph of her school shoe – but I’m thinking maybe she should be threatened with this option if she loses another one……….

I need to record things like this that make me *quite cross* so that I can reminisce about them fondly in the future.  Just not quite yet!




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