Tempted – and then electrocuted….

I was going to blog about this ‘incident’ and then when I saw the The Daily Blog Post prompt was ‘tempted‘ – it seemed perfectly apt!

To avoid temptation, the husband and I have taken all of our leftover Christmas foodstuffs in to the office – biscuits, chocolates, cakes etc – and all are placed on a filing cabinet in the large shared office for anyone who’s passing and needs a sugar fix.


This morning I had resisted temptation impeccably – but then at about 11.30am I thought ‘sod it’ and went to grab a biscuit – but in doing so got an ELECTRIC SHOCK from the top of the filing cabinet!!  It was as if the cabinet itself was being my willpower (or it could have been my new cheap New Look shoes on the carpet tiles) but anyway – I didn’t have a biscuit!!


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