A nice cup of tea

I’ve realised my non book related blogging has been a bit sparse recently – and this was supposed to also be a record of things that have happened to remember in the future – so I’m going to put that right!

Last weekend my Dad ended up in hospital on the Portuguese island of Madeira (famous for the cake, wine and Cristiano Ronaldo).  Thankfully Dad is ok and safely home in the UK now – but this tale of his time incapacitated has produced an amusing anecdote that needs to be recorded for posterity.

Dad was asked if he wanted a cup of tea, to which he replied ‘yes please’.
They asked if he wanted sugar, he said ‘no, just a little milk’.
He was subsequently presented with a cup containing just a bit of warm milk! 

Cup of tea

I shouldn’t mock – my Portuguese only extends to hello / goodbye / please / thank you – and chicken – so I’m impressed that the lovely support staff could ask him what he wanted, and it just goes to show how phrases that are normal conversation to us sound weird to other nationalities!


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