Book Review: On A Night Like This by Lindsey Kelk

I’ve really enjoyed previous books by Lindsey Kelk, and so when I saw she had a new one coming out in November 2021, I asked for an ARC from NetGalley and my wish was granted. Here’s the blurb:

“Within days of wishing she could change her life, Fran Cooper is acting assistant to a celebrity, on a yacht in the Mediterranean, and en route to a tiny Italian island and the glittering Crystal Ball, along with the world’s rich and famous.
When she – quite literally – bumps into a handsome American called Evan, a man able to keep his cool in the face of chaos, the magic really begins.
Evan makes her a promise: no last names, no life stories, just one unforgettable night. Yet Evan belongs at the Crystal Ball and Fran is a gatecrasher. They may be soulmates, but their homes are an ocean apart, and their lives a world apart. They’ll never meet again – unless, on a night like this, everything can change forever…”

The book starts with Fran in Sheffield – where she’s got no job and is in a seemingly very boring relationship with her uni boyfriend, and now fiancée, Stew. You know ‘something’ happened which made them move back from London up North – but you don’t know what, it’s just obvious Fran feels very guilty about it all. Initially I thought Stew was just a wet blanket – but as the book went on it became more evident that actually he was horribly controlling and emotionally abusive – but back to the beginning of the book!

Fran is an experienced and competent PA who has been temping for ages but is currently between jobs. Her fiancée reckons she should retrain as a primary school teacher – but Fran isn’t so sure. She’s then offered a mysterious job for a few days to be PA to celebrity.

We then jump on the train, plane and yacht to follow Fran and her new celebrity boss. (In my head the celeb in question was essentially Anne-Marie but probably more high maintenance, not knowing how high maintenance Anne-Marie is in real life!)

I loved the different settings – especially the yacht and the incredibly glamourous Crystal Ball. They were described brilliantly and you really felt like you were there. At the moment – with the lack of foreign travel – living vicariously the different locations through fiction books is even more welcome than usual!

All of the characters were well written – and you liked or disliked them accordingly. A random favourite character was the make up artist who changed the course of Fran’s life completely – she was ace!

I have to say that I guessed who the mysterious Evan was fairly early doors – but that didn’t stop me enjoying the book (it just made me feel quite smug when I was proved right!!)

I had a horrible thought that the book would be left open ended – and don’t get me wrong, there’s loads I’d like to know about what happened once it finished – but lots of loose ends were tied up in a brilliant way.

A really fun read – I’d definitely recommend it. It would also make a great film with all of the amazing locations – and who doesn’t love a film fundamentally set in Sheffield?!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my ARC in return for an honest review.


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