Book Review: The Cult by Abby Davies

I am lucky enough to be offered loads of books to read – and whilst I initially said ‘yes’ to everything – I’m now more careful in what I say yes to – as there are so many books, and so little time! But the reason I said yes to this one was not because I liked the sound of it from the blurb (see below) or even that the cover was enticing – no, it was because the author shares a name with one of my best friend’s daughters!! Although the other Abby Davies is spelt slightly differently.

Anyway – in case you’re not attracted just by the authors name, here’s the blurb:

“Thirty years ago, in the English countryside, a commune was set up. Led by Uncle Saviour, it was supposed to be a place of love, peace and harmony. But what started out as paradise turned into hell.

A shocking abduction…

Now, two young children have vanished from their home in the middle of the night. Their parents are frantic, the police are at a loss.

A twisting case…

DI Ottoline is leading the search – her only clue a mask found in the woods. Could the key lie in events that took place decades ago, when a dream of a new way of life became something far more sinister?”

The book follows 2 timelines from 3 points of view. ‘Now’ where Lily’s children have gone missing in the middle of the night and DI Ottoline is the investigating officer, and ‘then’ when Love is part of a cult with her family in the 1980s. You know that the two timelines must be linked (it would be a very weird book otherwise!) – but it’s not immediately obvious how (right until the end of the book I was trying to work out what the connections might be – and failed completely!)

Both timelines start in a very hot summer – and the author conveys the suffocating nature of the temperature really well.

I have to say the cult timeline started off a bit odd – but got weirder and weirder – I didn’t like it at all, but that didn’t stop me reading or wanting to know what happened!

Similarly a missing child – or in this case children – is always worrying, and you really felt the emotion of the parents – and, particularly in the case of the mother, their unravelling…..

The book twists and turns loads – in both timelines – and the pace really builds towards climaxes. This meant I stayed interested and wanted to keep reading.

Overall a good read – so thank you Abby Davies (and the publisher and for my ARC).


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