Book Review: Deadly Little Lies by Stephanie DeCarolis

Juliana Daniels finally has the life she’s always dreamed of. A loving husband, a career as an attorney, and a cozy apartment in Manhattan to call home.
But when she gets a message from an old college friend, her blood runs cold. Remember me?
Juliana drops her phone as though she’s been scalded. The name Jenny Teller shines out from the screen… but Jenny can’t have sent that message.
Because Jenny is dead.
Juliana’s other college friends have all received the same message. The four of them are the only ones who know the truth about the night Jenny died. It’s a secret they have kept buried for thirteen years.
With ‘Jenny’ now blackmailing them and threatening to expose their secret, only one thing is certain. Someone else knows the truth about that night… or one of them is lying.”

The book follows two time lines – ‘now’ and ‘then’ – the ‘then’ being when Juliana / Jules was back starting her life in college a decade ago. It’s quite ‘American’ in its settings – Manhattan and upstate New York – and the looking back element is very ‘college’ based – but I’ve watched enough US movies to be able to imagine what it was like.

The two timelines keep you on your toes and I thought helped keep the momentum of the book at a good pace. The ‘now’ timelines builds to a 10 year reunion back at college with all of the main characters meeting up again – well, all of the main characters that are still alive! It really does build to an exciting climax.

I found Jules a bit wet – and really wanted her to talk to her husband about what was going on!! Most of her ‘friends’ were pretty unlikeable initially – although I did warm to them in both storylines as they progressed! I have to say I did guess some of the twists – but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story.

I particularly enjoyed the wrap up chapter at the end set a few months after ‘now’ – it tied up lots of loose ends cleverly.

A thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. It’s out NOW if you fancy reading it too!


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