Book Review: Just My Luck by Adele Parks

Just My Luck


“It’s the stuff dreams are made of – a lottery win so big, it changes everything.
For fifteen years, Lexi and Jake have played the same six numbers with their friends, the Pearsons and the Heathcotes. Over dinner parties, fish & chip suppers and summer barbecues, they’ve discussed the important stuff – the kids, marriages, jobs and houses – and they’ve laughed off their disappointment when they failed to win anything more than a tenner.  

But then, one Saturday night, the unthinkable happens. There’s a rift in the group. Someone doesn’t tell the truth. And soon after, six numbers come up which change everything forever.
Lexi and Jake have a ticket worth £18 million. And their friends are determined to claim a share of it.
Number One Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks returns with a riveting look at the dark side of wealth in this gripping take on friendship, money and betrayal, and good luck gone bad…”

I REALLY enjoyed this book!  The premise is great – and it plays out really well.  It twists and turns dramatically – and at different points you’re not quite sure who is telling the truth and who you should be rooting for – definitely the sign of a good book!

I liked Lexi – and at times wanted her to stand up for herself – but equally recognise it was a difficult and complicated situation.

The plots twists so much I don’t want to put any spoilers in this review – you need to read it yourself and have the same ‘OMG’ moments and sharp intakes of breath that I had!

There are a couple of niggles though – which I know is me being a pedant – but……

  1. The whole premise is that they’ve played the same numbers as a syndicate for the last 15 years – and that each number was chosen by a different person to represent something.  Well – one of the numbers is 58 – and the National Lottery only increased to numbers higher than 49 in 2015 – so they couldn’t have had the same numbers for 15 years.  (Yes, I know it’s only a work of fiction.)
  2. The game loved by kids / teenagers is Fortnite not Fortnight.  It is spelt differently at different times during the book. It might only be an autocorrect issue (and my autocorrect should know I never ever mean ‘duck’) but it’s just a bit sloppy.
  3. At one point it is mentioned that Lexi and Jake live in one village – and the other 2 couples live in the posher village a few miles away.  Then at another point in the book the couples walk home as they are only a few streets away.  Another minor inconsistency – but I am a knob.

Overall the niggles didn’t take away from the fact that this is a very good book – but I think Ms Parks needs a slightly more anal editor!!

But I would thoroughly recommend you read this when it comes out in May 2020.



Book Review – The State We’re In by Adele Parks

I am always partial to a bargain – and Amazon offered me a free book (can’t remember why, think I agreed that a delivery could be outside my usual Prime terms) – and ‘The State We’re In’ was one on the shortlist. It appeared to have been on best seller lists, and it involved a flight to Chicago, where I’d been last month, so I opted for it.

The State We're In

The Amazon blurb is fairly vague:

“THE STATE WE’RE IN is the unforgettable, emotionally powerful novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Adele Parks.
What are the odds that the stranger sitting next to you on a plane is destined to change your life? Especially when they appear to be your opposite in every way.
She’s a life-long optimist, looking for her soul mate in every man she meets; he’s a resolute cynic – cruel experience has taught him never to put his faith in anyone.
People can surprise you. In the time it takes to fly from London to Chicago, each finds something in the other that they didn’t even realise they needed.
Their pasts are such that they can never make one another happy and it’s when they get off the plane that their true journey begins…”

When I started reading this I got really confused. There were chapters headed up with the names of different characters, and they seemed completely disparate – and I thought I was going to find it hard work. But I’m not one to give up on a book (hey, I waded through the Goldfinch!!) so I persevered – and I am sooooo glad I did.

I can’t really give you too much of the back story without giving away fundamental twists and turns of the plot – but I couldn’t put it down – and was desperate to know what was going to happen next. There’s emotion / love / lust / travel / family secrets / rude bits / shopping in Chicago – and, as is my usual style, sobbing at the end.

I am a bit gutted that I finished it this evening to be honest. I know I like most books I read and review on here (generally by being sensible in what I chose to read in the first place) but I really liked this one!