Mixing with celebs!!

So – I’m using ‘mixing’ in the very vaguest of senses – more in a ‘spotted / walked past / chatted to briefly’ way – although my husband does still claim to have slept with Baby Spice (I should put in a disclaimer here that we were on a plane from Florida to London and the Bunton / Jones clan were sat by us – and his feet and Emma’s feet were next to each other for the flight home due to the seat configuration – it was nothing more scandalous than that!!)

A few weeks ago we bumped into Billy Idol in a hotel lift in New York, where I proceeded to tell him about my Saturday job in WHSmiths as I hadn’t realised who he was.

Then the other night in London, I had a wardrobe malfunction getting out of a cab – I described it as ‘showing my pants’ – but let’s face it, it was more ‘showing the gusset of my control tights’ – and who should be walking out of the hotel?? Sir Tom Jones. I suspect it’s a sight he hasn’t often seen – as you can see, he had to avert his eyes…….

photo 4

A few years back, when we went to Villa Park regularly, we’d quite often see Fabio Capello (obviously he was coming to watch the opposition players!!).  One game, I was 39 weeks pregnant – and my 5 year old decided he needed a wee during the first half – I had to squeeze past Mr Capello and the look of HORROR on his face was a picture (I did tell him I wasn’t in labour – just taking a small child for a wee)

Why can’t I be cool around famous people?!?  I like to think they appreciate my lack of sucking up and generally making a bit of an idiot of myself???

My nephew and eldest with Mr Capello
My nephew and eldest with Mr Capello

And let’s not get started on the interactions with footballers – I told Stan Collymore I loved him (I don’t – in my defence, I was drunk), some of my colleagues stole feathers off my dress to use as a moustache when we were in a restaurant with Mark Bosnich just after his error of judgement Nazi salute issues – and a wonderful night at Villa Park again where Pontecarloblue declared her undying allegiance to Richard Dunne!!!

There’s also been the whole ‘top 5’ debacle.  This is a reference to the episode of ‘Friends’ where it’s discussed that you can have a ‘Top 5’ that your other half wouldn’t mind you sleeping with. Now this is fine when it’s completely theoretical – but then when you’re staying in a hotel in Dubai and one of your husband’s Top 5 (Myleene Klass) is also there – it’s all a bit too close to home.  I also think she might have had something to say about it should he have told her!! It was just post ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and she looked fabulous by the children’s pool – I felt less fabulous standing near her as our kids played  there too!!

So – does anyone know where Brad Pitt / David Beckham / Rupert Penry-Jones and 2 other lovely blokes that are yet to be decided (these 2 places are on more of a rotational basis – the list isn’t laminated **another Friends reference**) are holidaying this year????