Making a boob


Last week it was my birthday.  My lovely husband decided he would pop into our local Bravissimo store to buy me some underwear as a pressie.  He couldn’t remember my size – but knew that they would have the information on my account – so asked for the bra he’d selected – and matching knickers – in the last size I’d bought.  Sensible.

Apart from the fact that the last bras I’d bought were for our 15 year old daughter………

I haven’t been that size since 4 children and about 4 stone ago!!

But it’s ok – I will pop in and exchange them (and change the thong for some proper fat pants too!!)  It’s the thought that counts!

P.S.  The photo is a lovely Bravissimo model, and not me nor our offspring – although it was that bra!






Boobs the size of a head?!

Today I suffered a hideous pain, one comparable with stepping on a piece of Lego, being stabbed in the boob with a stray underwire.

This was a bra that had already tried to injure me before, and I’d attempted to reinforce it (me, sewing, I know!) but I find that once underwires have tasted freedom, they’re never quite the same again.

After being stabbed all morning whilst assisting with family swimming – I decided enough was enough and removed it at lunchtime.  My husband was astounded at the size of the underwire (and he’s not unfamiliar with my chest area!) – so obviously he wore it as a headband…..


Then the 3 year old wanted a go – but it was far too big for her little head.

I guess I probably should take note of the washing instructions and only handwash them – but isn’t life too short for handwashing?!?