Geeky guinea pig!

I have to confess to being a bit* of a geek.  In fact when we were doing The Big Hoot last weekend, the kids were asked if they were taking such interest in all of the names etc because they were doing a school project – and I had to confess it was just me who was really into it!!

Recently one of the Mums in the village – who is a doctor – mentioned she was doing some research into the Neural Effects of Steroid Hormones.  This triggered an interest – mainly because a friend’s son is being treated with steroids, amongst other things, for a brain tumour, so it was kind of on my radar.  This particular study, though, is for people with a specific genetic disorder of the adrenal gland – but they need some healthy adults with which to compare results – and that’s where I come in!

I offered to be one of the guinea pigs.  I was given lots of literature and counter indications to consider, but I still was eligible.

So – next week – I will be heading off to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for 4 hours of IQ tests, 1 hour of psychological questionnaires and an hour having my brain MRI-ed (don’t think that’s really a verb – but you know what I mean).  I am a bit nervous – but more excited in a geeky kind of way!

People have asked if I’m worried about feeling claustrophobic in a MRI machine for an hour – and I’m sure it will be a weird experience – but hey, I know an amazing boy who has to be in there for double that time, so I’m sure I can channel just a little bit of him and get through it.

Obviously I will overshare about how it all goes………..

* Actually a lot, possibly one of the biggest geeks ever?!