Book Review: One Lucky Summer by Jenny Oliver

I’ve long been a Jenny Oliver fan – and not just because one of her back catalogue features my name as the main character (charity auction bid from my husband) Her summery books are always great fun – but somehow I’d been sent this on NetGalley and it had passed me by – but what a perfect book to read on my summer holiday, and if you like the sound of it, then it’s out already.

Here’s the blurb:

“The best kept secrets are waiting to be found.         
With an air of faded splendour, Willoughby Hall was an idyllic childhood home to Ruben de Lacy. Gazing at it now, decades later, the memories are flooding back, and not all of them are welcome….
In a tumbledown cottage in Willoughby’s grounds, Dolly and Olive King lived with their eccentric explorer father. One of the last things he did was to lay a treasure hunt before he died, but when events took an unexpected turn, Dolly and Olive left Willoughby for good, never to complete it.
But when Ruben uncovers a secret message, hidden for decades, he knows he needs Olive and Dolly’s help. Can the three of them solve the treasure hunt, and will piecing together the clues help them understand what happened to their families that summer, all those years ago?”

This was a lovely, quick, fun read – I devoured it in a day!

It’s quite an ensemble piece and you’re invested in everyone’s lives. Whilst there is the standard summer romance you’d expect – it’s much more than that – looking at loads of different relationships. Siblings, parental, extended family, unexpected child, colleagues, childhood sweethearts etc etc – and all sat with the beautiful backdrop of Willoughby Hall.

The treasure hunt aspect was also fun – although I wouldn’t say as central as the blurb suggests – but still intriguing.

My only complaint is I want to find out what happens to the gang next!!

It’s only 99p on Kindle – and totally worth less than a cup of coffee.