Book Review: Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paige Toon

Neither of them expected to fall in love. But sometimes life has other plans.
When Wren realises her fiancé is in love with someone else, she thinks her heart will never recover.
On the other side of the world, Anders lost his wife four years ago and is still struggling to move on.
Wren hopes that spending the summer with her dad and step-family on their farm in Indiana will help her to heal. There, amid the cornfields and fireflies, she and Anders cross paths and their worlds are turned upside-down again.
But Wren doesn’t know that Anders is harbouring a secret, and if he acts on any feelings he has for Wren it will have serious fall-out for everyone.
Walking away would hurt Wren more than she can imagine. But, knowing the truth, how can she possibly stay?

I was offered this ARC by NetGalley and the comments by other authors I enjoyed meant I said ‘yes please’.

I hadn’t read, what I would call, a standard romantic comedy for the last few books – and I fancied an escapist read and I really enjoyed this from the off.

Initially Wren is in the UK – but when her engagement falls apart, she takes herself across the Atlantic to stay with her Dad and his ‘new’ family in Indiana. The descriptions of the American countryside are fantastic – and I could really visualise the setting (and want to go and visit!)

The relationships between Wren and her Dad and step family are explored – along with new friendships with the locals – especially the neighbours Anders and Jonas.

I was really enjoying this escapist read and then BOOM there’s a twist! I had to go back to see if I’d somehow missed the clues – and with hindsight you can see they’re there – but it came as a total shock, which I really liked and shows how clever the author has been. And no spoilers here! This really changed the book for me into something deeper than ‘just’ a romcom. (Although there is always space for a well written romcom in my world.)

The book twists and turns through the final chapters in a brilliant way – and the ending has a perfect element of deja vu.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book – and would definitely recommend you buy it when it’s out later this week.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my advance review copy in exchange for an honest review.