At home with The Prices (sort of!)

When I started blogging I was ** quite excited ** that I would be able to link up with The Gallery on Sticky FIngers – but then Tara and her family were on holiday so it was ‘on a break’ – but hoorah, they’re back – and this is my first ever gallery entry!!

So – At Home with The Prices – sort of – as we’re actually on holiday in Portugal.  It also isn’t all of The Prices – as the husband is behind the camera – but it’s pretty rare for me to be in a photo with all 4 kids.  Thankfully child number 3 is protecting my topless modesty.  It is not the best photo in terms of composition, none of us look stunning – but it totally sums up family fun in the pool on holiday!


Right – back in the pool I go (after I’ve poured a glass of wine as it’s past 11am) – got to love family holidays!!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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