Black and White – The Photo Gallery week 220

Now I am cheating slightly – because I didn’t take the photos I’m about to post! We had a family photoshoot in the Lickey Hills the Autumn before last – and the photos taken by Sharon Papper were brilliant. Quite a few were in black and white and I immediately thought of them when the topic came up.

It’s also pretty rare to have photos of all 6 of us, so lovely to look at them, and see how much the kids have grown since then.

Price Family November 2013-6085

Price Family November 2013-6089-3

Price Family November 2013-6099-2

Price Family November 2013-6139

This is my contribution to this week’s Photo Gallery – do go and see what others have posted.

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Family – The Photo Gallery Week 201

This week’s category over on The Photo Gallery on the Sticky Fingers blog is ‘family’ – now this should be really easy for me as loads of my posts concern family.

There’s the photo of me and my cousins here, the family on holiday here, the cross generational photos here and the slightly rubbish holiday selfie (minus one child) here.

So for this topic I decided to go with my original family ‘The Homers’ taken here at my 40th birthday party earlier this year (not sure where Mum’s looking but it’s the best one!)

Homer family

Back at the Grammar school my sisters – and Mum – and I went to, ‘Homer’ meant Greek Iliad and Odyssey jokes – I suspect it would be more ‘doh’ now!  This party was a fabulous night – from the speeches (where amazingly my husband didn’t offend anyone!) through the photobooth (I suspect the photos will feature in future weeks of The Gallery) through to the dance floor (obviously the Homer sisters were first on it!) it was just wonderful.  Having lots of the people you love in one place for a celebration is amazing.

I remember that back at school a lot of my friends were slightly scared of my Mum – and this is one of her many personality traits I try to emulate!  Everyone loves Dad – and his harmonising (particularly of Christmas carols) is legendary in my children’s educational establishments.  My sisters are both wonderful – and my friends as well as my siblings.  I shared a bedroom with my middle sister (I’m the eldest just in case that isn’t obvious – my youngest sister was gutted when someone asked if we were twins – there’s a 6 year age difference!!) and I don’t remember it being problematic at all.  We had to sew coloured threads into our underwear and socks to avoid nicking each others – but other than that pretty plain sailing.

So – whilst I have a wonderful family now – this is the family that made me who I am today.  #weeping

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Wicked Wednesdays – 17 September 2014

So – my first #wickedWednesdays post (and I am phobic of the spelling of Wed-nes-day too!) linking over with another more experienced blogging Brummy Mummy @brummymummyof2

Holiday selfie

Now if only Monarch could have parked the plane the other way round on our way back from Faro to BHX, we wouldn’t have all looked so squinty in the family selfie! (Oh, and one of the children is missing too – never good…….)


At home with The Prices (sort of!)

When I started blogging I was ** quite excited ** that I would be able to link up with The Gallery on Sticky FIngers – but then Tara and her family were on holiday so it was ‘on a break’ – but hoorah, they’re back – and this is my first ever gallery entry!!

So – At Home with The Prices – sort of – as we’re actually on holiday in Portugal.  It also isn’t all of The Prices – as the husband is behind the camera – but it’s pretty rare for me to be in a photo with all 4 kids.  Thankfully child number 3 is protecting my topless modesty.  It is not the best photo in terms of composition, none of us look stunning – but it totally sums up family fun in the pool on holiday!


Right – back in the pool I go (after I’ve poured a glass of wine as it’s past 11am) – got to love family holidays!!

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