Cooking mama

On Saturday I was hoping to be able to do a blog post about a fabulous family day out – but a stinking headache for me first thing (not a hangover may I add – no, honestly!) and an evil wasp sting on the husband mid morning meant a day at home instead.

So in the afternoon I made apple crumble ready for Sunday lunch with the parentals today – and one to pop in the freezer (domestic goddess that I am!). I had ‘help’ from the odd numbered children (whilst children 2 and 4 played Minecraft and slept respectively – to be honest the first would induce the second for me, but children seem to LOVE it!)

Baking 1

The 4 year old was chief ‘rub-er in-er’ – and as you can see was VERY proud!  And, surprisingly, she did a really good job.  Usually she gets bored before all the butter has been rubbed in – but not on this occasion.

The eldest did all of the weighing.  I’d told her the ‘half fat to flour’ rule – and that the sugar needed to be the same as the fat.  Now the fat wasn’t the 150g I’d suggested – but 163g – so we even had a bit of a maths lesson at the same time!

Baking 2


I assisted with the apple peeling (or we may still have been doing it whilst making the Christmas cake later in the Autumn!!)

Baking 3


They were very chuffed with their finished results (so much so they were dancing about and the photo is blurred!)


Baking 4

So no exciting day out to report – but 2 very excited girls who very much enjoyed cooking with me (and a husband was was visibly shocked I’d done actual cooking with the children when he got up from his post traumatic nap!)

We had happy customers at lunchtime today when the crumble went down very well with Nanny and Grandad too!



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