I was wondering what to write about for this week’s category over on The Sticky Fingers blog Photo Gallery for the topic of ‘8am’.

At the moment there isn’t really a typical 8am to photograph.

There’s 8am on a Saturday – when we’re willing the kids to sleep in, although often have an Ocado delivery scheduled for 8.30am – so won’t be sleeping for much longer….

There’s 8am on a Sunday – again willing a lie in before husband and oldest 2 head off to rugby for the morning (the sport, not the place, that would just be weird every Sunday!!)

On a Monday husband tends to do the station run for the eldest, so my 8am is chivvying the other 3 to get ready for the day – and I’m not sure quite how a photo can capture the nagging!!!

Tuesday through Friday I usually do the station run at 7.20am and then head straight to the office early doors, or back home. But piglet number 3 started reception last week – and me going home again before she heads off with the nanny tends to bring about a meltdown (much as having Daddy around on school mornings has often done the same when the older ones were little). Today I have a meeting at home at 8.30am – but the family don’t head off on the school run until 8.20am – so I have come to hide in Starbucks at the motorway services – with a plain porridge and skinny decaf latte! So this is a picture of 8am today.


Perfect – catching up with blogs / my book in peace!!

I’m going to pop across to The Gallery later to see if anyone has actually managed to encapsulate the nagging in a photo……..

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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