Charity begins at my home….

Last Friday lots of people around the country were taking part in the Macmillan Cancer Support’s Big Coffee Morning – and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Macmillan were really helpful to my husband’s Mum when she was suffering with cancer – and to lots of friends who’ve had their own personal battles too.  I decided it could be a dual fundraiser, as some close family friends have a 10 year old who is fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital who are currently supporting him through treatment for a brain tumour.

My fabulous parents arrived armed with an urn and some extra mugs, the most wonderful ‘Very Smart Cookie Company‘ were providing the cakes and I could waft about in my new clothes purchased this week with a personal shopping experience at John Lewis (there’s another blog post in there soon – bet you can’t wait?!)

Lots of my very lovely friends came and ate cake, drank hot drinks (decaf tea, normal tea, peppermint tea, coffee, decaf coffee, red milk, green milk, blue milk, sugar, sweetener – we were practically a branch of Starbucks!!)  and were suitably generous – raising a whopping £210 to share between the charities.

But aside from the fundraising – it was just a really lovely morning – I know I’m biased, but I have some very nice friends.

A big thank you to VSCC for not only the wonderful cakes – but also these fab photos!

Very Smart Cookie Company Cakes
Chocolate and coconut brownies, scones and carrot cake!
Competition to win CAKE!
Competition to win CAKE! (And fab cards in the background)
Lovely friends
Lovely friends

P.S.  If you’d like to donate to Fin’s fundraising for the children’s cancer unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – then you can click here. xx


I was wondering what to write about for this week’s category over on The Sticky Fingers blog Photo Gallery for the topic of ‘8am’.

At the moment there isn’t really a typical 8am to photograph.

There’s 8am on a Saturday – when we’re willing the kids to sleep in, although often have an Ocado delivery scheduled for 8.30am – so won’t be sleeping for much longer….

There’s 8am on a Sunday – again willing a lie in before husband and oldest 2 head off to rugby for the morning (the sport, not the place, that would just be weird every Sunday!!)

On a Monday husband tends to do the station run for the eldest, so my 8am is chivvying the other 3 to get ready for the day – and I’m not sure quite how a photo can capture the nagging!!!

Tuesday through Friday I usually do the station run at 7.20am and then head straight to the office early doors, or back home. But piglet number 3 started reception last week – and me going home again before she heads off with the nanny tends to bring about a meltdown (much as having Daddy around on school mornings has often done the same when the older ones were little). Today I have a meeting at home at 8.30am – but the family don’t head off on the school run until 8.20am – so I have come to hide in Starbucks at the motorway services – with a plain porridge and skinny decaf latte! So this is a picture of 8am today.


Perfect – catching up with blogs / my book in peace!!

I’m going to pop across to The Gallery later to see if anyone has actually managed to encapsulate the nagging in a photo……..

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery