Sh*t happens

4 years ago (according to Timehop – I bloody love Timehop!) we bought our first Caroline Shotton painting entitled ‘Sh*t happens’!  The big kids were 5 and 7 at the time, thought the title of the painting was HILARIOUS and no doubt repeated it at completely inappropriate times!


Since then we’ve bought a few lot of her other pieces – lovingly called ‘cow pictures’ by the little ones.

I found out that Caroline was doing a personal appearance at Castle Galleries in Solihull last month, and the eldest and I found that one of her paintings ‘Best Dad’ was for sale.  Husband’s birthday is October – so we thought it would be the PERFECT present!  All was going well, I’d plotted with the lovely Carole from the gallery and I’d paid for the painting, designed a perfect dedication, and then was going to sneak back and pick the painting up after the event so he was none the wiser.

All was going well when we arrived at the gallery – and the kids enjoyed milkshakes and cupcakes…..

Milkshake Cupcake

And they were allowed to choose new cow paintings for their rooms (extravagant I know – but it’s an investment – and looks so much nicer than a poster from Smash Hits or Bunty!!)

Then – husband spotted ‘Best Mum’ and announced that I had to be given that one.  Obviously I started weeping (did I mention that when the kids had milkshake I’d had champagne?!) at the sentiment (although my son did point out I was the only Mum he had – so had to be the best one – throwing on its head the ‘you’re my best son’ that I use on him!!) and the fact that my birthday surprise was usurped and so I’d have to think of something else!  (Given husband’s favourite 40th present was his Bissell carpet cleaner – this is not a joke –  I suspect it may have to be a household appliance now!)


Then we got to meet the very lovely Caroline in person – and she dedicated the back of all of our purchases (and she’s very good at drawing cows in her dedications too – I am always well impressed by people’s artistic skills being an accountant myself!!)  Here’s a picture of me and the eldest with Caroline – and some of our paintings (all protected ready to leave – they’re not some weird, modern blue frames!)


So cake, milkshake, champagne, a lovely artist and our favourite gallery made for a fabulous (if slightly expensive!) afternoon.

We just need to make sure we avoid Mell Square for a bit now, so we’re not tempted to add to the Paul Horton or Shazia collections too…………


One thought on “Sh*t happens

  1. Lovely story and lovely photos Libby what a great memory to keep… and your such a lovely family it’s always a pleasure to see you in the Gallery… till the next time..x x


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