Friday Funtimes

So ‘Friday Funtimes’ is similar to ‘Monday Meltdown‘ but a different day requires a different alliteration.

My day so far:

0520 – husband gets up to go to meeting in London
0545 – disturbed by her father, the 4 year old comes and gets in with me, wriggles a lot
0630 – alarm goes off, shower, nag children, dressed, nag children,  breakfast, nag children
0720 – nanny arrives, drop daughter at station, go to work
0920 – leave work and go for lovely manicure and pedicure as pre Fall Ball preparations (tomorrow night’s fun!)
1120 – quick butcher and hardware store trip (support your local businesses and all that)
1145 – back at my desk for the afternoon, drink coffee when really want gin
1625 – leave office to go to station to collect daughter again, sneaky bit of Kindle reading
1700 – get home, quick handover with the nanny
1740 – text message from husband to say he’s stuck on motorway and won’t be home for ages
1745 – round up 3 of the children to come with me for spray tan (more pre Ball prep)
1800 – don paper pants and be sprayed, leaving children with my phone watching Peppa Pig

And seemingly taking random photos.......
And seemingly taking random photos…….

1810 – 2 year old upset that she can’t have her ‘face painted’
1820 – get home, leave 3 kids in car, straighten eldest daughters hair
1825 – back in car to take eldest to party
1827 – do quick U turn as daughter has left present for birthday girl at home
1829 – back home to find husband in garden, locked out with no keys having just got back
1830 – deposit son at home, little ones remain in car
1840 – drop eldest at her party late, apologise to all adults who see me for ‘spray tan and no underwear’
1845 – huge meltdown from 4 year old as she wants to stay at 12 year olds party
1847 – 2 year old wants a wee, have to hold her over the gutter, being careful not to get wee on feet (streaky tan)
1855 – drop auction vouchers for tomorrow’s Ball at organisers house
1859 – walk back into the house and be presented with cold glass of sauvignon blanc by husband


is it time for bed yet???

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