Lucky Lifebox Libby!

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on the Sticky Fingers blog – and won it!!  I should put in a disclaimer at this point – as I actually do know Tara – the Queen of Sticky Fingers – in real life.  This was a totally legit, drawn by rafflecopter competition – and a complete fluke that my entry – of the 416 – won!!  I was delighted when Tara emailed to check my postal address (see, we don’t know each other THAT well!) for the Junior Lifebox prize to be sent to.  I then had an email from the lovely Jenny at Lifebox  and she said that they were based really close by – so could she drop the first box over.  I had envisaged welcoming her in open arms, having fabulous photos taken ready to share them on here – but instead the Price family had had a very surprising lie in, I had wet hair, no make up on and was wearing my dressing gown – so you’ll have to make do with these photos of the fabulous box and its contents instead!

photo 1

photo 2
photo 3


Now we have A LOT of potential testers in the Price family – and all were put to work on the various contents – so here goes! (It was just after bath time – hence wet hair and pjs as a look – thankfully you’ve only got photos of the kids – not me and the husband!!)

Rebel Kitchen Coconut Mylk

We are a house of chocolate milk lovers – so this dairy free alternative – made with coconut milk instead of cows milk – had a lot to live up to – but the votes from the 2 and 9 year olds was that it was DELICIOUS (I have to say this 40 year old had a slurp too and thought it was yummy!)

photo 3 photo 4


These were again tested by the 9 year old and the 2 year old – and I have to say neither were particular fans!  The raisins were lemon infused and quite strong.  Thankfully husband and I thought they were lush and polished them off!  I’ll definitely investigate the other flavours though – as all the kids love raisins and it’s nice to spice them up a bit.

photo 1 photo 1

 Clearspring Fruit On The G

This time the 4 year old stepped up as tester.  She is a big fan of fruit pouches, and so knows the market in this area well.  This was an apple and mango one and got a definite thumbs up – and was described as nicer than her normal ones!!  And to stick my oar in too – I was impressed this had NO EVIL BANANA in it – it is amazing how many of these types of things have a particular flavour given, but neglect to mention that they have other fruits as fillers – generally banana – which I can taste in the smallest quantity.  This was apple + mango = fabulous.

photo 2

Conscious Raw Chocolate Bar

And now time for the eldest to step into the frame – an 11 year old tester!  She saw the word chocolate and decided to go for this one!  Although on reading it was dairy and sugar free started to turn her nose up.  Her actual description after one small piece was ‘Eurgh, it’s like a mouldy Quality Street’ – which I am guessing won’t be used as a marketing strapline!  Undeterred the 9 year old tried it, and said it was lovely -but so rich you couldn’t eat much of it at once.  I *may* have disproved this theory by polishing off the rest of the bar from the fridge this afternoon……….

photo 2

 Inspiral Superfood Bites

This was an acai berry bite – and the 11 year old wanted to try this (to take away the taste of the chocolate bar!!) Apparently it was delicious and her favourite thing.

photo 3


We still have the ‘Lifebox Junior Nuts on the Go – Raw Almonds and Mulberries’ to try – and then the very exciting recipe to make!  This is called the ‘Trial Size Lifebox Goodness Gracious Snack Balls Mix’ – which using the recipe card enclosed, and some of the coconut water and some vanilla extract – we should be able to rustle up some mini snacks that can keep in the fridge or freezer (if they last that long!)  These are on the to do list for this weekend!

photo 4



So the Junior Lifebox has been a big success – lots of interesting things to try that I am sure I wouldn’t have got the kids to chose if they hadn’t been in a special box delivered to the door!  Excellent for keeping you on track healthwise – but interesting and feel like treats too! Our only issue is too many pesky kids – so they end up fighting over the contents.  Guess we’ll just have to order more than one in the future!!

It’s also a great way to taste different things which you may want to buy more of  (I have already scoped out that Ocado sell quite a few of these products – and in larger sizes too!).

We luckily won a 3 month supply – so it will be interesting to see how November and December compare.

A big thank you to Lifebox and Sticky Fingers from the Price family! xxxxxx

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