Light – The Photo Gallery Week 206

This week’s theme for The Photo Gallery over on The Sticky Fingers blog is light.

Now I’m not a ‘proper’ photographer at all. We’ve bought a ‘bridge’ camera (I am using words I don’t understand at this point!!) but more often than not my photos are taken on my phone. My sister, however, is much more of an expert. So I have to confess to stealing one of her photos this week – and I’m also cheating even more as I’ve used it before.

However, a couple of friends who are into photography have commented on the wonderful light in this photo – so it had to be used! It’s my children and their cousins at a family party in early September – and I love it (so much so that it’s my Facebook cover photo).


 This is my entry for this weeks ‘The Gallery’ – do pop across and see how other people have interpreted the theme ‘light’.


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

8 thoughts on “Light – The Photo Gallery Week 206

  1. This is a great image, the problem with captures faces clearly is that you often get shadows around the eyes but you have totally nailed it



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