Wicked Wednesday – 29 October 2014

This is what happens when you try to take a photo of the 9 year old when he’s got his foot stuck in a tree – and he doesn’t appreciate the photo being taken prior to any assistance!!

The joy of being the child of a blogger………..


You can see better photos of our day trip to Blenheim Palace here!!!

Do pop across and see other people’s Wicked Wednesday photos – probably without sweary children………………..




15 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – 29 October 2014

  1. Oh dear, to be fair your can’t blame him. He has his foot stuck in a tree and all his mum wants to do is take a photo! x


  2. Ha! I know at some point in the next few years my children are going to be very similar when it comes to photos and the like. Defo, My girl is already on the turn! Thanks so much for linking up bab and I hope to see you again this week in #wickedwednesdays xxx


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