Practically Pointless!

A few years ago my Mum and I applied to be on the fabulous quiz show Pointless. If you haven’t seen it (or if you have seen it but still don’t get it – like my husband!) then you need to answer the question correctly – but with the most obscure answer you can think of – so that of the 100 people asked the question before you, the least number of people would also have said that particular answer. The objective is to answer with something no one else at all has said – thus ‘Pointless’.

To be honest, that description is hard work – just go and watch it (and why haven’t you already – it’s brilliant!)

It was my viewing of choice when breast feeding – I would Sky+ it – and then watch it at random times of the day and night. I’ve missed the regularity of viewing since weaning my youngest – but not enough to have a 5th child!

Anyway – back to the application. I thought it was brilliant – it showed how fabulous we were, and our diverse skill sets to cover lots of different topics.  But we were never contacted again – boo. At the time I was devastated – as if you could still write to a bloke to fix stuff for you (dodgy ground I know) then meeting Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman would be high on my list!

But I wasn’t so devastated I gave up watching #addicted

Well – for the last couple of years one of my friends has arranged a Pointless-esque quiz for his work’s annual party – and I have had the privilege of being one of his 100 people. To be honest, I don’t think he does 100, he does a few and extrapolates it – but shhhhhhh. This morning was this year’s question time (spookily Timehop shows that 27 November is a popular day for it).

Anyway – as with previous years I was RUBBISH under pressure (and so it’s probably a good thing that Mum and I never made it on to TV for humiliation in front of millions). Obviously I can’t reveal this year’s topics (full of my own self importance that people who work for the finance department of AGCO might actually read my blog?!) but I can reveal that my revision of:

  • People who’ve ever sung in any Band Aid single (knowing the names of all the One Direction members was my banker for 5 points here!)
  • African countries (there is usually something geographical)
  • Robin Williams films (picking famous person who’d died this year and their output)
  • Elvis Presley singles (we’ve had Beatles and Michael Jackson in prior years)
  • Previous Soviet republics (as above)

was all completely ‘pointless’!!


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