Meeting Mr Price

Wedding day

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. 12 years since I said ‘I do’ under a gazebo (although my sisters called it a tree for rhyming purposes in a song at our wedding party) in St Lucia. It rained in the morning and all the staff there kept saying it was ‘showers of blessing’ – and maybe they were right (although at the time I was close to punching the next person to say it!!)

I was 13 weeks pregnant at the time – which totally wasn’t the plan – it just didn’t take as long as we’d expected to get up the duff! Consequently I couldn’t take full advantage of the all inclusive nature of The Body Holiday (good job we’ve been back twice since so that I could!)

I’d met Mr P the year before in ‘Zinc’ in Birmingham.  In fact our meeting probably warrants a mention.  I was out drinking gin with friends, and he noticed my red bra strap.  He asked if my knickers matched and I showed him that they did (and still do even after 4 pregnancies and 4 lots of breast feeding!)  He told me he was going commando – I checked, and he was!  After a brief chat we found out we were both Aston Villa fans (in fact this is why we’ve subsequently had 4 kids – to keep supporter levels up!!) We swapped numbers and went on our separate ways for the evening.

After a few weeks of texting we arranged our first date.  We have subsequently both confessed that we weren’t quite sure what the other one was going to look like when I opened the front door – but thankfully we weren’t repulsed and went on our date.  (Although Mr P did tell me a few weeks later that he’d previously only been out with pretty girls!!!  I know that he meant I had brains as well as beauty – but I do like to remind him of it!!)  I found out on this first date that he’d previously been married to a girl I’d been to school with – which meant I kicked him out quickly after we got back to call my best friend from school to tell her who I’d been on a date with!!  I subsequently found out he’d had his overnight bag with him – cheeky sod!!

In some ways we are the complete antithesis of each other:

– I was a teacher pleasing, geeky, girlie swot at school – he was suspended more than once
– I got lots of As (and 1B which I am still gutted about) at GCSE – he got none
– I play a number of  musical instruments – he plays the joker
– I hate swimming in open water – he was a commercial diver
– I didn’t get done for speeding until my 30s – he had points on his provisional licence
– I hate the sand – he would play on the beach all day
– I can ski down a blue run under duress and very stressed – he can fly down a black
– I am naturally unfit but train by the rules – he ran a 10k after no training, a breakfast of M&Ms and Lucozade in the car on the way to the race and still beat me in sub one hour.

But when it comes to important things – big love for our family, OCD tidiness and a desire to help others (amongst others) – we have very similar values and beliefs.  Our life is hectic – working and playing hard together, as well as parenting 4 fabulous kids – but I wouldn’t change saying ‘I do’ on 16 January 2003 for anything.

So here’s to the next 12 (and hopefully many, many multiples of 12) years Mr Price.  Love you. xx

One thought on “Meeting Mr Price

  1. *** CLARIFICATION VIA TEXT FROM MY SISTER: In the aforementioned 10k, she was 62 minutes, Mr P was 64 minutes and I was 66 minutes – so no one was sub an hour. She is still annoyed she wasn’t sub one hour and so it’s ingrained in her mind. Phew. Glad that’s corrected!!! ***


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